Orions Systems is a pioneer in the development of large-scale, hybrid smart vision systems, powered by algorithms and human cognition.

Orions AI CITY enables public and private enterprises to collect and analyze the data in high value, video and image content.

Orions Systems was founded by Nils Lahr, a digital media industry pioneer who helped build the world’s first digital studio for CNN, launch the first live streaming of the Olympics, and invented the world’s first video Content Distribution Network (CDN). Nils was a co-founder of the Microsoft Windows Media Department and an author of the smooth media technologies, enabling Netflix, Amazon and others to provide streaming media services to their customers.

Emergency personnel team reviewing video captured with Orions Systems AI CITY during Urban Shield, a Homeland training event.


Orions Systems’ vision is to blend human cognition with artificial intelligence to create expert systems that transform information into insights and actions, leading to stronger businesses, healthier environments and a safer world.

Orions Systems consults with governments and Fortune 500 companies all over the world on the largest and most complex video projects as well as the world’s largest crowd sourcing solutions used by professional sports and telemarketing industries.

Orions Systems leverages 20 years of experience building massive networks and supporting complex products, with the specific aim of extracting and utilizing value from non-text-based, unstructured content. Now companies can create customized methods to break down what they need from their content, producing exactly what they require quickly, cost effectively, without teams of data scientists and programmers, utilizing the cloud-connected global workforce. Orions creates solutions across a range of markets including military, homeland security, commercial surveillance, healthcare and sports.


Orions Systems’ mission is to deliver smart vision systems at scale, enabling public and private enterprise to unlock the intelligence within high-value video and imagery content.

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