Live Video Moderation Initiative

Using hybrid computer vision technology to detect and mitigate inappropriate live video

Orions Systems is jumpstarting an initiative in our digital community to detect inappropriate or dangerous content on Facebook Live. Recent incidents have called attention to increasing acts of violence, nudity and terrorist propaganda that are being streamed live every day, taking advantage of the biggest social media platforms.? This cannot go unchecked, but to date, there is not a solution that can scale and solve this problem.

Orions Systems believes the tech industry has an obligation to keep our online communities safe and remove the incentives to publish live, inappropriate content. With Orion Systems Smart Vision Platform, we can achieve scale-based monitoring by combining human cognition with artificial intelligence to detect and mitigate this unwanted content.


The Challenge

The challenge is simple, there are more Facebook Live videos being created every second than can be monitored by people directly. One in every five Facebook videos today is a live broadcast. This is an issue that even Facebook cannot solve regardless of plans to hire an additional 3,000 employees. The additional staff is not enough to mediate even a fraction of the live video being produced around the world every day.


This is why we continue to see live video content containing murder, suicide, nudity, terrorist activities?and more, content that no one should stumble across or be able to seek out. It?s a challenge that needs to be addressed effectively.

How Do We Solve This?

Orions Systems is offering the Smart Vision Platform, the first hybrid cognitive services solution, to help solve content moderation by combining human with artificial intelligence to achieve the necessary scale.


It takes a combination of human expertise AND computer vision algorithms to achieve the accuracy and scale needed. The Smart Vision Platform combines Orions Crowd and Orions AI, bringing crowd-sourced human taggers and algorithms together in a machine learning loop. This cycle allows for artificial intelligence to learn and scale very quickly as the taggers and algorithms work asynchronously together.


Orions Systems is offering free licenses of the Smart Vision Platform to any live streaming network such as Facebook Live to test the ability of the Smart Vision Platform in combating inappropriate and dangerous live video content.

Get Involved

To help further this effort we?re offering free licenses of AI CITY to commercial live video publishers to test against their services.


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We?re also looking for taggers to volunteer for our crowdsource team to help train algorithms to spot inappropriate content before it travels the internet. if you?re interested in volunteering for our tagger team, please fill out the form below.

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