Orions Systems Announces Initiative to Detect Inappropriate Content on Facebook Live

Orions Systems Announces Initiative to Detect Inappropriate Content on Facebook Live

Facebook Live Moderation at Scale Achieved with Cognitive Services Training Powered by Orions Systems Smart Vision Platform?

June 27, 2017, Seattle, Wa ? Orions Systems, a Seattle-based startup founded by ex-Microsoft digital media innovator Nils Lahr, announced today that the company is jumpstarting a digital community initiative aimed at detecting and mitigating inappropriate or harmful content on Facebook Live, in response to recent incidents of live streamed violence and terrorist propaganda on the social media network.

Powered by Orions Systems Smart Vision Platform, the initiative will provide Facebook Live moderation at scale, a process that Facebook admits it is struggling to accomplish on its own by relying primarily on manual processes performed by thousands of Facebook employees.

Orions Systems is inviting members of the digital community to join the live video moderation initiative. Individuals can volunteer as taggers and industry organizations can contact Orions Systems to explore opportunities to collaborate to significantly reduce the ability and the incentive to live stream harmful content on Facebook Live and similar services. In addition to launching the initiative, Orions Systems is offering a limited, free license to active, commercial, live video services interested in testing the Smart Vision Platform for live video moderation.

?It?s incredibly frustrating to see the level of inappropriate and deeply disturbing content go unchecked, not to mention the lost opportunity for law enforcement to get involved when necessary,? said Nils Lahr, CEO and founder of Orions Systems. ?We knew we could find a way to use the cognitive services training platform we?ve built to help solve this problem, and this community initiative is a starting point.?


Orions Systems has created one of the industry?s first hybrid, cognitive services platforms, able to train and scale algorithms that drive a variety of cognitive services. Orions Smart Vision Platform harnesses the speed of algorithms with the expertise of human cognition to dive deeper into video, image or audio data, supported by a state of the art video management system, cloud resources and tools.


Orions Systems achieves scale based on the company?s ability to combine human cognition with artificial intelligence to drive machine learning cycles that deliver unprecedented scale. The platform and tools enable a complex workflow that routes image, audio or video segments to thousands of human taggers who feed data back into the platform, training algorithms able to review data segments at scale with greater accuracy.


A key component of the Smart Vision Platform, Orions Crowd fuses digital media content with metadata and presents the results to either computer algorithms or human taggers, as tasks that build upon each other to create an artificial intelligence machine. Rather than waiting for people to watch hundreds of hours of video, or spending thousands of hours training an algorithm, Orions Crowd allows for an asynchronous workflow, enabling both human taggers and algorithms to work together, producing accurate results, more quickly and at scale.


For more information or to sign up to join the initiative visit: orionssystems.com/livevideo.



About Orions Systems


Orions Systems is a pioneer in the development of large-scale, hybrid, smart vision systems, powered by algorithms and human cognition. The company?s Smart Vision Platform enables public and private enterprises to collect and analyze data in high value, video and image content.


Orions Systems was founded?by Nils Lahr, a digital media?industry pioneer who helped build the world?s first digital studio for CNN, launched the first live streaming of the?Olympics, and invented the world?s first video Content Distribution Network (CDN). Nils was a co-founder of the Microsoft Windows Media group and an author of the smooth media technologies.