The proliferation of high-quality, high-value video from UAVs, body-cams, and security cameras has created a tremendous opportunity to boost our military intelligence levels.


Orions AI CITY significantly reduces the cost and time of analyzing high-value, military video which means more video can deliver more intelligence.


Using Orions AI CITY hybrid solution, combining algorithms and human cognition, accelerates analysis and reduces errors yielding deeper, more accurate video intelligence.

“The real value added would be if I could have that tool go back and say, ‘How many times has this vehicle appeared in this geographic area over the last 30 days?’ and it automatically searches volumes of full-motion video.”

Col. Jeffrey Kruse
Commander of the 480th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing


Orions AI CITY is a secure system that has been certified by the US government to run in top secret government deployments including SCIFs. It can be deployed using SHA-3/2048-bit or higher security, allowing it to match the highest standards of encryption and security.

Example Workflow – Classify objects of interest
Step 1 ? Collection/Ingest

Ingest video from multiple sources including drones, CCTV cameras, satellite imagery

Step 2 ? Reduction

Triage video, delete video segments with no useful content

Video segments with useful content segmented into 5 second fragments

Mark redundant fragments

Auto-mark Objects of Interest (OOIs)

Step 3 ? Designation of Objects of Interest

Confirm/delete Auto-Marked OOIs

Complete OOI marking (objects, facilities, persons, activities, etc.) to be extracted/exploited

Step 4 ? Error Management

Generate duplicate fragment-OOI pairs

Disseminate each to separate tagger

Compare exploitation codes if different

Collect performance metrics on metataggers

Step 5 ? Metadata Extraction

Tagging Specialist receives fragment-OOI pairs according to expertise

Tagger exploits fragment via menu selections & generates metadata

Fragments compared to twins for errors

Non-agreeing twins are reprocessed

Step 6 ? Knowledge View

Comprehensive search tools

Interactive results displays

Analytic elements over all data

Contextual stories automatically built

Results tie directly back to video, to better understand and communicate analysis

Iterative abilities allow ?follow the data? approach, ability to create new flexible workflows

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