Orions Crowd


Introducing Orions Crowd

Orions Crowd is the breakthrough element that delivers expert video intelligence at scale. Orions Crowd is an innovative, on-demand crowd sourcing service that assembles teams from 1 to 1,000 for video and image tagging and data entry.


Recognizing the need for hybrid computer vision solutions, Orions Crowd provides a fast, efficient, and scalable way to harness distributed human cognition to do the tasks that computers can?t. Algorithms and tagger teams work asynchronously, sharing data back and forth creating a machine learning loop.


This hybrid solution accelerates the delivery of accurate intelligence and better trained algorithms.

How is Orions Crowd Different?

No other crowd source platform can fuse digital media content with metadata and present the results to either computer algorithms or human taggers as tasks that build up to create an artificial intelligence machine. Rather than wait for computer vision algorithms to mine the value from your content, or force people to watch hundreds of hours using a linear video editing system, Orions Crowd fuses the best of both worlds and produces a revolutionary result.

Orions Crowd Capabilities

  • Scale from 1 to 1000 taggers, pre-trained, ready to work teams of experts


  • Less costly than hiring and maintaining internal teams


  • Flexible models from self-service to fully managed


  • Integrated with Orions Smart Vision Platform to distribute, scale and manage a network of AI and human teams, all working together across different networks and devices


  • Easily add new intelligence goals and data


  • Train or create new algorithms

?Public and private enterprise are foregoing the intelligence they could gather from video and image content because today?s methods take too long and cost too much.”

Sam Grinter

Market Analyst, IMS Research

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