Orions Video Management System (OVMS)


Ingest, manage, store, and access your video with Orions Video Management System

ORIONS VMS  provides robust video management to handle the most demanding computer vision challenges. The world’s growing video intelligence challenges require a state-of-the-art VMS with the ability to ingest video and images from practically any source, live or archived, control access and security, segment and route video to support asynchronous, hybrid workflows and most importantly, fuse video segments with existing and new data to support searchable, easily accessed video intelligence.


OVMS is available as a standalone product or can be deployed as part of AI CITY.

Orions VMS Capabilities:

  • Ingest all types of video ? Live or archived assets, support for every major format


  • Fuse video and data to create refined data sets


  • Route video anywhere – send to algorithms or human taggers


  • Control access – authenticate users, managed roles-based account access


  • Streamlines the workflow – enables asynchronous, distributed workflows


  • Fast retrieval – search and retrieve relevant video segments quickly

Use Case:
National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency has been using OVMS to organize and analyze over 10,000 hours of military surveillance video.

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