Professional Services


Orions Systems is your partner in delivering solutions that maximize the value in your video and image content.

Our team includes pioneers in digital media, artificial intelligence, data scientists, software and cloud architects. In addition to technology expertise many members of our team have backgrounds in military, intelligence, security, police work and forensics.


As experts, we take pride in helping others best their challenges and reduce their costs. We propose solutions that fuse various data sets together, ingest them into our platform and work with you to build a model to extract the value?from your video and image data.


Our Approach

Discovery and Scoping
Working with your team we scope out the intelligence challenge, the video sources to unlock and the timeframe.

Workflow Design
With a deep understanding of?your intelligence needs we provide an optimal workflow to divide the work into tasks for your custom Smart Vision Platform solution.

Video and/or image?ingest
Use?our standard ingesting systems or we can create a custom solution for real-time or archived video from practically any source.

Custom Tagonomy
Orions team will help create a?customized?Tagonomy, a tagging framework aligned to your specific intelligence needs to drive the system.

Fused Video and Data Stream
The results populate ontological data models so that the algorithms and human tagger?actions generate a structured and intelligent data stream fused back to the original data.

Projects that use primarily standard media types can typically be built within two to four weeks.

Gabe Harris advises law enforcement teams on field-based video intelligence workflows.

Professional Services

  • Systems architecture and engineering
  • Workflow design
  • Application development
  • Algorithm creation and training

At Orions Systems, we’re always ready to answer your questions and HELP YOU SOLVE YOUR TOUGHEST VIDEO INTELLIGENCE CHALLENGES. GET IN TOUCH TODAY!