Orions Smart Vision Platform combines algorithms +?human cognition with a powerful video management system to unlock intelligence in video data

The industry’s first hybrid computer vision solution


Orions innovative video management system and tools enable algorithms and people to work in an asynchronous, scalable, distributed workflow creating the industry’s first hybrid computer vision system, purpose-built to unlock intelligence in video data.

The Orions Systems approach brings together the speed of algorithms to perform automated tasks, with the expertise of human taggers to supply the cognitive powers that go beyond algorithmic capabilities.

Both processes feed each other new knowledge, accelerating?the workflow,?driving?a machine learning loop.

Smart Vision Platform is a hybrid approach to video intelligence, using human taggers + algorithms to scale video analysis.

def: Smart Vision Platform (SVP)

The combination of video management, human cognition and AI to unlock intelligence in video data.


Orions SVP customers have reduced their video intelligence costs by up to 50% through the combination of reduced opex via flexible team sizing, eliminating software development costs, and reduced infrastructure capex.

Orions Smart Vision Platform

  • Opens up new opportunities to use video intelligence across the organization


  • Flexible deployment models to suit a variety of teams and organizations


  • Accelerates the video intelligence process


  • Works with distributed algorithms and/or crowdsourced teams offering the best approach for getting to reliable intelligence more efficiently


  • Create, run and train first or third party algorithms

  • Streamlines the workflow


  • Asynchronous, distributed workflow speeds up deployment and provides faster results, faster ROI


  • Working POCs can be ready in as little as 4-6 weeks


  • Real-time or archived video supported


  • Control access and security


Orions Smart Vision Platform includes a revolutionary approach to how digital content and intelligence is managed, removing many layers of complexity in today?s content delivery architectures.


Orions has extended the features of today?s CDN to include more than just audio and video. This is called ?data fusion.” No longer is it necessary to maintain additional data about the content in a separate database outside of the original heavy digital media content.


Orions approach enables?content to drive computer algorithms, which in turn drive generation of ontological data. This is the first step to bringing Big Data and digital media together, and serving as a critical step forward towards artificial intelligence.

Smart Vision Platform cuts the cost of video and image content intelligence

SVP is available as an on-premises, turnkey hardware and software solution, a self-managed SaaS, or it can be combined with Orions Crowd for a fully-managed solution.

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